We are opening!

We are thrilled to be able to open once again, and welcome you back to The Old Forge from the 4th July. We have put into place safety measures, to protect you and ourselves and make you rest assured so you can enjoy your stay, stress free. Our glamping is currently closed due to some rearranging of the positioning of the Shepherds huts.  The huts will now only be let to one party so they will be exclusive to you in their own private paddock in order to keep you all safe.  Please bear with us and we look forward to seeing you all back soon!


The swallows are back!  They swoop and dive, a pair of feathered fighter jets, catching insects on the wing.The days are long and hot so Lily and I ride out in the cool of the evening, returning by the light of the silvery moon.There are purple orchids out on the down and dog roses in the hedge.  Clouds of chalk hill butterflies dance around us.In the field the elder flowers hang like umbrellas their lacy white heads sending out their sweet perfume.  I gather my wicker basket to make elderflower cordial and gooseberry and elderflower jam.  In ancient folklore it was to be believed if you fell asleep under an elder tree in full bloom, you would be invited into the world of fairies.  I think of my grandchildren who are my little fairies and how I miss them all so much……