“The Old Forge is ideal for classic car enthusiasts, Tim owns a 1934 supercharged Lagonda Rapier which is kept in a nostalgic garage which still contains old automobilia to retain the pre war classic style”


Tim’s passion for old cars stems back from his childhood where his father used to take him to school in his 1932 2 litre, low chassis supercharged Lagonda. During the 1960s, Tim’s father decided that he wanted to race and bought a 1934 Lagonda Rapier and turned it into a competition special which he raced at all the major circuits. Tim always accompanied his father and they would drive to the meeting, do a 12 lap race and drive home again (what motor sport is really all about).

Tim’s enthusiasm was soon rewarded when his father donated his spare Lagonda, bought for £12-10s in 1963, the perfect nucleus for building his own competition special. This car was not a restoration but a creation. Tim took himself back to the 1930s to design a period competition body, the sort of car that would have been driven at Brooklands. It evolved from a garage full of spare parts to the car you see today.  Tim now shares his Lagonda with his son Jack, who shares the same enthusiasm for classic cars. The Old Forge is a perfect stay for classic car enthusiasts! The whole premises can be booked for large parties and their cars.

Tim is now retired, but still likes to tinker in the workshop!


We now offer classic car weekends for enthusiasts where you can rent out the whole property and meet people with beautiful classics and share in the nostalgia.

Past meetings at The Old Forge have proved throughly enjoyable and very successful.


Tim’s nostalgic garage was featured on George Clarkes Shed of the Year show.

Watch episode by clicking here!


  • Fully restored 1960 Trimph TR3 A. Originally a left hand drive Californian car converted to a right hand drive and fully restored

  • Fully-restored-1960-Trimph-TR3-A
  • Kerridge-Restoration
  • 1964 Mini MK1 Countryman
    Four years to complete, and was better than new when finished!

  • Mini-Restored
  • Jaguar XK150
    This 1959 XK150 SE was subject to a three year restoration. What a Job!!

  • Jaguar-XK150-Restoration


Tims son Jack now has his own enterprise at The Old Forge, converting classic cars to electric!  He has converted his own beloved Fiat 126.

At the Old Forge Car Restoration workshop, we have been restoring classic cars for years. We now want to move into the future. We don’t want these works of art to be part of the past; this is why we convert cars to electric and how Silent Classics was born.

Are you tired of your old classic not starting on those cold mornings? Or perhaps you just want better performance and handling… Either way here at Silent Classics we can do it all from ground up restorations to full on electrifications.

Electric cars are the future, we want to get more people into driving them. Join us on our journey to revive your classic.





Complete with private hot tub and BBQ grain silo
Sleeps 2



Coming as a group? No problem. Add Sam to your stay
Sleeps 2